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28th May 2015, 6pm

Castelletto di Branduzzo circuit, 1900mt long.


It’s a World Record !

The idea of the time 40 year old Omar Frigerio, driver and instructor.

The desire to drive of the time twenty-nine year old blind since birth Daniele Cassioli, physiotherapist by profession and 22-times World Water Skiing Champion.

The challenge, the commitment and the passion that united Omar Frigerio and Daniele Cassioli to achieve the goal of a World Record to date still unbeaten.


To achieve a World Record the team had to drive a car suitable with normal security procedures, ten laps of the track of the Castelletto di Branduzzo circuit... trying to achieve the chronometric performance of at least one lap below the threshold of two minutes and twenty seconds.

Despite his blindness Daniele completed the ten laps covering a total of 19 km.

The great surprise…

The target “World Record” was achieved already on the second lap!

Two minutes and 15 seconds at an average speed of 50,66km/h!

An epic challenge!

Daniele Cassioli wanted to prove that if you really have the will to get a result, you can achieve it and disability is not a point of arrival but a point of departure!

Omar Frigerio, between criticism and praise, has wanted to show that with appropriate skills and with adequate preparation you can conquer unexpected outstanding results.


The World Record is a starting point to launch another ambitious project by Omar Frigerio: the "Driving in the dark " and the "GAB Therapy".


What does it means for a sighted person to drive in the dark?

An experience... an emotion...

Driving in the dark means temporarily losing a basic sense, sight and look...

Driving in the dark means improving a set of sensitivity:

Your hearing.

The responsiveness in understanding what is heard and being able to perform it in real-time.

The coordination of body movements.

For an instructor it’s not enough to teach your student, it is crucial to understand on which wavelength he is receiving information to be able to transmit all that he needs to be able to improve all of his senses apart from his sight and to allow him to train more and more his sensitivity and to achieve amazing results.

You should try it!

guinness world record patentando Omar Frigerio Daniele Cassioli guida al buio
guinness world record patentando Omar Frigerio Daniele Cassioli guida al buio
Omar Frigerio's quote
Daniele Cassioli's quote
guinness world record patentando Omar Frigerio Daniele Cassioli guida al buio
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