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Guida al Buio Business Experience

attestato di partecipazione guida al buio Patentando Omar Frigerio

Working life is a constant race against time, incorrect colleagues, the market, competition and just like on a circuit the risk is going off track, not understanding the dynamics of the race, not dosing properly your physical and mechanical strength.


Cutting a milestone, achieving a personal or professional goal, always it means one has to prove oneself. Often, however, the difficulties lie in depth, they are more hidden or are not shared with others. The program Driving in the Dark Business Experience helps lay down the basis for an individual and group work which is practical and effective through various stages.

• In the first phase, with the help of an expert in experiential training, in a classroom, time is dedicated to identify the needs of individuals or groups that want to reach and focus on a general framework.

• In the second phase, again with the help of the expert in experiential training, you will be  prepared to face the challenge of Driving in the Dark that will be done ​​individually.

• In the third phase, while the group remains busy in a common classroom, each person tries  individually Driving in the Dark with a certified instructor pilot.

• In the fourth and final phase, under the supervision of an expert in experiential training, all the aspects that have been experienced both individually and as a group will be analyzed by which they can be conveyed in order to achieve team goals.


It’s never the fiercest teams that win, but the teams that are most technically and socially prepared where the ability of the individual is a precious gift for the whole team and where the team always supports each participant.


When a simple experiment teaches a lot.

Trying an unusual experience has already a considerable pedagogical value which increases exponentially if, during its development, we are accompanied with experts in this field that help us to live and to analyze all aspects in every way so that we can then decrease in everyday life.


Overcoming problems trusting others, keeping calm, developing the sense of direction among the problems or simply knowing how to react patiently when facing difficulties are just some of the themes that can be developed with the Driving in the Dark Basic Experience.

In the first phase an expert in experiential training will prepare you to receive and collect all your senses through every emotion that you will experience while driving in the dark.

In the second phase a certified instructor pilot will guide you technically to face the test drive of Driving in the Dark.

In the third phase, after the experience, again the experiential training expert will help you to analyze your emotions, to identify the practical implication and viability in a variety of contexts: family, professional or personal. A "debriefing" that is emotional,  practical, useful and with lasting results.


Living a different experience for us of the Driving in the Dark Team means helping you to focus, through this unique experience in Italy, useful lessons for everyday life that you can easily apply at all times both in interpersonal relationships for your personal growth.


guida al buio patentando pro experience

When practical difficulties increase, more energy and skills in problem solving are necessary.


All this is faced in the Driving in the Dark Pro Experience program where, unlike the Basic Experience program, it takes place on a professional driving circuit.


In the first phase, during the meeting with an expert in experiential training, you will analyze your strengths and weaknesses in dealing with difficulties and you will set the psycho-behavioral goals that you wish to achieve.


In the second phase you will be put to the test on the circuit under the guidance and supervision of a certified instructor pilot that will stimulate learning processes through increasingly complex technical evidence.


In the final phase again with the expert in experiential training to help you draw a mental map on the basis of experience, it will help you understand how to work and invest on your strengths and weaknesses, all as always, in a logic of practicality and durability.



To overcome the trials of life we ​​must understand our potentials and these can be expressed only if we test ourselves to overcome them and pointing to new increasingly difficult goals. For this Driving in the Dark Pro Experience it helps you to understand not only how to develop your potentials to reach your goals, but to have a winning mindset.

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