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Anyone, in total safety, can experience the sensations and emotions of driving a car "in the dark" that is, wearing a darkened mask with only the help of the "voice guide" of a certified pilot instructor who provides the necessary information to be able to conduct the car along the circuit.

A unique and exciting experience.

Tailored experiential programs for companies:

  • Training + Driving in the dark

  • Incentives

Omar Frigerio Daniele Cassioli guinness world record guida al buio Patentando
vip che hanno provato la guida al buio
guida al buio patentando omar frigerio
Patentando driving school scuola di pilotaggio guida sicura stradale eco guida pista drift guida al buio

... il tuo saper guidare ...

Patentando autoscuola dei privatisti patente auto moto mezzi pesanti bus nautica

... L'autoscuola dei privatisti ...

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