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Why "Driving in the Dark"?
this experience merges from the will of driving instructors, psychologists and trainers.

The lucky participants of this experience, temporarily deprived of a sense ... perhaps the most important one ... will find themselves using the remaining 4 senses they have, because of circumstances beyond their control!


They will understand the value of these senses and will understand the real difficulties in the loss of one or more sense.

The difficulty of those who in one way or another have to live with a disability.

They will realize that the our body but above all our mind has so many unexplored skills...


There are limits beyond which we are not used to "seeing".

Just as it is still difficult for many, " to see" a disabled person apart from the physical fact.

And yes: in this world of ‘image' and of "appearance", and at times shameless, the "aesthetic canon" well-defined, there is still little room for the disabled to feel ordinary. And maybe (unintentionally no doubt) we tend to "observe this" with a paternal "eye".

“Seeing”, “looking”, “image”, “appearance”, “aesthetic canon”, “observing”, “sight”: how many times in common speaking do we refer to the sight?


And how many times have we asked ourselves: "but if I suddenly was to lose my sight? " .

Let's try a little experiment : at home (which is the most absolute KNOWN environment), let’s go from the sofa in front of the TV to the kitchen. A few steps in your home; relatively little physical and concentrated effort is needed.

Now let’s go back to the sofa and blind fold ourselves.

Then repeat those steps, the few steps we did before almost running ... and now they have become a war path! ... We are lacking in any reference, we seem to stumble in every moment, maybe we even start to sweat from the tension.


That disability does not mean "less opportunity".

That through training, dedication in a project, perseverance and stubbornness, ANYONE can reach unthinkable goals .

That the limits (also mental) are just the ones we give ourselves due to laziness, indolence, or just simply for superficiality.

That the so-called "disabled" are actually the people with whom you can interact without exception, and that must have our own possibilities .

What we want above all is that one day we do not speak about "proficient" or "disabled" but simply about "people".

The project aims to demonstrate that despite the disability, with the necessary skills and a good preparation, you can reach the seemingly unreachable goals.

We will let you personally try, what a blind person feels after having brought a blind person to see what a normal person feels. And what situation is more common than driving a car?

Through our "experiment" we intend to sensitise the public opinion not to consider the disabled person as a person of limited capacity, but someone who in every respect can lead a normal life and be involved at all levels in the social and productive environment.

Our dream is that in a not too distant future, people will push up to the paradox of accepting even the idea of ​​a blind person behind the wheel! And in parallel we would like immediately, that all disabled people ... and non ... stop feeling somehow "different" and accept the fact that nothing is precluded prior.

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